Top Progressions in the Industrial Sanitation Market | 2021

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Regardless of what industry you’re in, there is a multitude of industrial sanitation standards you need to abide by. The industrial sanitation industry has evolved drastically over the years to meet shifting demands. Due to continuous progressions science and technology, there are various predictions on where the sanitation market will be in just a few years.

To appreciate what we have, and what is yet to come, it is important to see how far society has come. If you are interested in reading about some shocking sanitation practices that society has left in the past, keep scrolling for current market trends and projected trends down the line!

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Historic Breakthroughs in Sanitation

Standards in hygiene have come a long way thanks to years of scientific research. It wasn’t until the end of the Plague that it was discovered germs are transmitted through the air and not through bad smells. Bathing was also not a common occurrence among the general public, which did not help transmission and infection rates.

Even in the mid-1800s, medical professionals still weren’t aware of the benefits of hand washing. In 1847, a medical physician named Semmelwiz made an interesting observation where he noticed that childbirth deaths were on the rise. Coincidentally it was common practice for medical students, often coming straight from performing autopsies, to come to the aid of mothers giving birth. Noticing this Semmelwiz made hand washing mandatory, and notived an immediate decline in child birth deaths. Of course, with the information we have now it seems obvious but at the time there was little to no science to back this up.

The sewage system was another major advancement in sanitation. Removing sewage from the streets drastically improved public health and overall sanitation of cities. Not only is proper sanitation a basic human right but there are also proven economical benefits associated with adequate waste management. As stated earlier, these living conditions are expected in today’s modern society but for many centuries it was not.

Today’s Industrial Sanitation Market

Today the commercial cleaning industry is booming and there are many reasons for this. More men and women have joined the workforce, and with both home-owners working outside the house, there in less time for cleaning the home. Our growing economy has shown an increase in demand for professional cleaners and as of recent Covid-19 has made cleanliness a non-negotiable for businesses and at home.

Generally, spending power has increased among consumers, as we slowly regain economic stability. This alongside a greater awareness to bacteria and potential illness has contributed to the continued increase in demand for disinfectants. According to Jan-Pro (n.d.), the commercial cleaning industry in Canada alone is worth approximately 8 Billion dollars.

Some key factors in buying trends related to cleaning products is whether it’s eco-friendly, versatile and effective. Sustainable products are increasingly becoming less of a preference and more a demand. Companies that aren’t adjusting their manufacturing and setting the environment as a top priority are being left behind.

Predicted Changes to the Sanitation Industry

The future is bright for the industrial sanitation industry for many reasons. Markets and Markets predict the global sanitation market to reach over 70 Billion dollars by 2024. Due to increasing concern regarding potential health risks, people aren’t willing to take risks and are willing to invest in their health and safety.

Unsurprisingly, the healthcare industry is a key component in the substantial size of the commercial cleaning industry. Due to their need for extensive sanitation 24/7, they are leading the demand for industrial cleaning products.

A predicted challenge to the industrial and commercial cleaning sectors is a shortage of employees with necessary expertise. With more research going into sanitation protocols comes higher standards. It’s expected that employers may experience struggles to meet demand if their employees don’t possess adequate industry knowledge.

The requirement for more expertise also means education on sanitation will need adjustments. This applies to the commercial, manufacturing and service industries. Due to the likelihood of further advancements in the sanitation sector, all industries that require handling cleaning products may require much more extensive cleaning education than even now.

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