Sokleen Powder (160kg)


  • Vehicle and heavy-duty equipment wash
  • Contains emulsifiers, buffering agents, foaming agents and detergent builders
  • Breaks down soil, grease and grime
  • Will not damage pumps, lines, tanks or metal


The SoKleen Powder is a powerful vehicle and heavy-duty equipment wash. It effectively removes build-up on cars, RVs and heavy-duty machinery from frequent driving. Sokleen is formulated with high contents of emulsifiers, buffering agents, foaming agents and detergent builders. The foaming and buffering agents provide steady and effective cleaning action in the presence of exceptionally high soil, grease, and grime.  

Sokleen’s cleaning agents will not harm pumps, lines, tanks or wash equipment. It is also suitable for cleaning steel, aluminum and glass on vehicles, equipment, mobile homes and tractors.


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