Magic Wash XHD 3 (4L) (4 pack)


  • Suitable for any vehicle or heavy-duty equipment
  • Fast-action cleaning
  • Breaks down soil, grease and grime
  • Will not damage pumps, lines, steel, aluminum and glass


Precision Chemical’s Magic Wash XHD 3 is the perfect heavy-duty solution for cars, trucks, buses, RV’s & heavy-duty machinery. Its formula effectively removes stubborn grime and film from regular driving. Magic Wash XHD 3’s top-quality formula includes high contents of emulsifiers,  buffering agents and detergent builders to provide high-efficiency cleaning actions and dissolve readily in both hard or soft water conditions. It also provides fast-action cleaning with easy rinsing. Its buffering agents successfully break down exceptionally high amounts of soil, grease, and grime.  

The Precision Magic Wash XHD 3 cleaning agents do not cause damage to pumps or lines and will not corrode tanks or wash equipment. It’s also suitable for cleaning steel, aluminum and glass on vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, mobile homes and tractors.


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