Bio Shredder Alkaline (205L)


  • Foaming action
  • Concentrated solution
  • Formulated for pig, poultry, horse and dairy barns
  • Is frequently used with: Bio Elimination & Bio Termination


Precision Chemical’s Bio Shredder combines deep cleaning power and innovative technologies to break down animal soil in the heaviest of conditions. Despite its powerful formula, it is safe to use in animal quarters. Bio Shredder can be used in pig, poultry, horse and dairy barns.

We recommend using 1-2% concentration with cold water. Apply with a foam
lance and a pressure washer. Bio Shredder is formulated to be compatible with soft or hard water. Allow the product to work for 15-30 min. After rinsing with high pressure, let
dry before applying Bio Elimination or Bio Termination disinfectant.


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