Bio Shredder Acid (20L)


  • Foaming action
  • Descales and Removes all mineral deposits
  • Transforms dull surfaces to their shiny and new original states
  • Frequently used with: Bio Elimination & Bio Termination


Bio Shredder Acid is a strong acid foaming cleaner used to descale and remove mineral deposits such as calcium, lime, iron (rust) and proteins. Its heavy-duty formula will make stained, dull and weathered surfaces shine again!

We recommend using 1-2% concentration with cold water. Apply with a foam lance and a pressure washer. Bio Shredder is formulated to be compatible with soft or hard water. Allow the product to work for 15-30 min. After rinsing with a high-pressure wash, let the surface dry before applying the Bio Elimination or Bio Termination disinfectant.


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