Post Pandemic Survival Guide: Top 3 Workplace Tips

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No one could have predicted the trajectory the world was headed before 2020 – except for scientists and epidemiologists, the rest of us were living in a dream world. They’ve been warning us that pandemics typically go on for years, but we’ve been saying “not long now!” for almost 2 years.

As we all know, when Covid-19 spread to Canada, we were forced to stay home and (for those who could) attempt to continue our work remotely. Millions of people were thrilled to wake up five minutes before they needed to clock in and sit in their underwear all day. And those who weren’t able to continue their work from home could collect CERB while they waited for things to return to “normal”. Over halfway through 2021 and many industries are still negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and are only just beginning to open without restrictions. 

Finally, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel here in Canada. Restaurants are opening again, travel is slowly picking up and business owners are regaining their security. I feel confident speaking for everyone when I say that seeing the world return to normal feels borderline euphoric. But in the same breath, I don’t want the world to go back to the way it was.

In the working world, issues revolving around strict work schedules, work-life balance and fear-mongering on taking sick days were polluting our working environment. Lockdown forced employers to embrace a flexible work schedule and relaxed communication methods. Not only that, businesses had to quickly adjust to the virtual world and provide safer working conditions for industries that required in-person activity. 

After witnessing – and experiencing this shift ourselves, the Precision Chemical team wanted to make sure our customers were not only prepared during Covid but also during the transition afterwards. We witnessed our customers’ heartache firsthand during this pandemic and unfortunately, we know that Covid isn’t likely to go away completely. If our services can ease the stress associated with government regulations, we can sleep a little easier. We have come up with some tips that have helped us and we believe will help many others transition to a workplace without restrictions.

Post-Pandemic Communication is Key.

From personal experience, the work environments I have been a part of with the best communication (virtual and in-person) have produced the best work and most positive co-worker relationships. It’s important to remember, it’s 2021 (news flash), there are dozens of ways to have consistent communication with a team virtually.

Whether it’s a group chat, email, zoom or even a phone call. Sometimes these methods are more efficient than an in-person meeting and don’t require the commute (double bonus!). If lockdown taught us anything, it’s that we can be successful working in unconventional settings. 

Provide Tools for Success.

Example of a post-pandemic setup for a desk in an office.

The 9-5 culture has convinced the working class that coming to work with a cold is more considerate than staying home to rest. Although remote work isn’t required, employees shouldn’t be penalized for wanting some flexibility in their schedules. Employees should receive tools that allow them to work comfortably, wherever they are. Whether it’s laptops, company logins, office supplies, or whatever the job requires to allow employees to complete work in their own time. Life happens! Be prepared now and you will thank yourself later.

Stock Adequate Sanitary Equipment.

Whether you’re a business that requires in-person work or you want to continue to give your employees the option to come and go as they please, investing in sanitary equipment should be a top priority. Yes, we are seeing restrictions lift, but that doesn’t mean we should drop our sanitation standards. This pandemic should be a wake-up call.

The wall-mounted thermometer and touchless hand sanitizer dispenser are perfect for entryways. We also love sanitizing foggers and 2 oz hand sanitizers for desks and workspaces (pictured below). The feeling of uncertainty that Covid has inflicted on us can be heavily reduced by focusing on factors we can control in our lives. Implementing proper sanitary measures and protocols is a great step to achieve this goal.

A forehead thermometer and hand sanitizer station at the entrance of an office.

Now that we are seeing restrictions slowly relax in Canada, I hope to see increased sanitary standards, flexible work and acceptance of virtual communication be standard in the workplace.

Thriving professionally in the post-pandemic world is possible when you don’t over-complicate things. Listen to your employees’ needs and implement up-to-date business guidelines to keep you and those around you safe.

Not sure where to start? For help in choosing the right sanitation equipment for your workplace, call (204) 477-4747.

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