Everything You Need to Know About Sanitation Foggers in 2021

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Science and research have come a long way, especially in recent years. Although sanitation foggers are not a brand new technology, they have definitely gained traction over the past 2 years. The difference is that now more than ever, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of proper sanitization processes for their homes and workspaces due to Covid. Various research studies are picking apart cleaning practices and pointing out flaws in their effectiveness.

Multiple studies have revealed the ineffectiveness of frequent spray and wipe techniques. Simply spraying disinfectant and immediately wiping it away does not allow the product to eliminate pathogens, or properly sanitize hard surfaces. Due to increased sanitation protocols in place, employers are seeking the most effective and efficient methods for them to disinfect their offices. As responsible employers wish to ensure the safety of their employees, minimize time cleaning, and ensure the entire location meets government standards.

Paranoia is not only high in people’s homes but also in the workplace (if not more). This is due to the increasing number of regulations surrounding sanitation in the workplace and a higher standard for cleanliness in general. If standards are not up to par the business risks being shut.

Now, we are faced with the dilemma of preventing future outbreaks and developing a more concrete plan to sustain high-quality sanitation measures/hygiene. A substantial amount of research has backed electrostatic sprayers, foggers, and UV lights for disinfecting, as opposed to traditional spray and wipe techniques.

Sanitation foggers have high rates of sanitation and are more time-efficient, as once a fogger is used an employee is free to return to their work, and they don’t need to wait an allotted time before wiping the surface down. This is not to say that spraying and wiping surfaces isn’t effective, rather the issue is improper usage, as busy employees and employers are not able to let the product sit on the surface for long enough, before needing to wipe it, ultimately rendering sanitation through the spray and wipe time-consuming and insufficiently sanitary.

Benefits of Sanitation Foggers

You might be questioning, why use a fogger full of disinfectant when I have a spray bottle from the dollar store that works just as well? While it’s understandable to question the benefits of pairing your disinfecting solutions with a fogger the difference is in the science.

If you’ve ever seen a sanitation fogger work, then you already know that when it sprays the disinfectant it appears as a light mist. This is a result of the disinfectant being atomized. One of the primary benefits of this is the fogger dispenses an even layer of solution to the desired surface. Simply using a spray bottle doesn’t provide the same coverage.

This method of sanitation is also more effective for several reasons. Firstly, the sanitizer can properly dwell on the surface for a sufficient amount of time, without being wiped away prematurely. Most ready-to-use disinfectants typically need to sit for up to ten minutes. Secondly, the atomized particles can reach hard-to-reach areas that are frequently missed.

The most coveted feature of a fogger for employers is its time efficiency. The time it takes to fog disinfectant takes a fraction of the time as traditional spray and wipe techniques. It also requires substantially less energy, making it ideal for busy individuals that are on the move all day. Before this technology, efficiency and effectiveness didn’t typically go hand in hand when it came to disinfecting. Now, you can be assured that a quick 5-minute mist is more than enough when sanitizing a room.

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